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Sonda is a multipurpose, professional X8 coaxial octocopter. Thanks to its folding arms, Sonda is very convenient to transport. This platform is designed to mount different peripheral devices.

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Sonda is a professional X8 coaxial octocopter designed and produced in Poland by HD Air Studio (All rights reserved). Four arms are made out of reinforced carbon fiber tubes. The folding arms mechanism is equipped with double locking system. Due to its foldable construction, Sonda is very convenient to transport.

The landing gear is mounted by thumbscrews, so it can be disassembled easily. The Sonda drone is equipped with the upper and lower mounting system (with the quick release connector) for additional accessories (for example a top and bottom mounted gimbal). Two passage channels, located in the center of a frame, connect the lower, center and upper frame. Electronics inside the platform are protected by an upper cover that can be quickly dismounted. ESCs are placed at the end of each arm between motors to ensure proper cooling and this gives more place in the center of the frame There are different types of power outputs connectors available to power external devices.

Sonda multirotor can be equipped with Pixhawk, DJI or other brands flight controllers. The drone can be equipped with FPV WDR camera, which allows BVLOS flights and helps a pilot define the flight direction. This platform is designed to mount different peripheral devices like for example, V-Map, Slantrange, Infinity MR-S2 gimbal, obstacle avoidance µPatch, uSharp and others.

  • Landing gear: fixed with a quick release connector for fast disassembling
  • Battery mounting: on the shelf under the drone
  • Dust & water resistance : IP54
  • Built-in LED lights: 2 x green, 2 x red
  • Built-in FPV camera: yes, as an option
  • Battery plugs: XT90 (can be modified)
  • Power source for external devices: 12V/3A, 5V/3A and 16V/3A as an option
  • Quick release for payload (gimbal): 1pcs., more available on request
  • Retractable landing gear: available in the future
  • Damping system: built is center body of a frame
  • Suggested payload: 2.5-6kg
  • Suggested battery: 2x 6S 22.000mAh
  • Autopilot options: Pixhawk 2.1, DJI A3, DJI A3 PRO, DJI N3.
  • Suggested motors: KDE Direct 4213XF motor
  • Suggested ESC: KDE Direct UAS 55HVC+ ESC
  • Suggested props: 18,5”
  • Flight time (10970g AUW) with 2x 16000mah and 10% battery capacity remaining: 22min. With 2 x 22000mah: 26,5min.
  • Customization available
  • Drawings and detailed dimensions available for special request

Please note that the specification of the electronics listed above might be different for different type of application. The frame of the drone allows to make modifications for special customer requests.

ARTF version includes: 24V 400A power installation + 8x KDE Direct 4213XF + 8x KDE Direct UAS 55HVC+ ESC + 8x KDE 18,5″ carbon propeller + 3x BEC: 16V/3A, 12V/3A, 5V/3A + LED Lights (red on front and green on back). If you need RTF version with RC transmitter & receiver, charger, Li-Po batteries, gimbal and additional accessories please contact us.

Additional information

Wheelbase (motor to motor)

968 mm

Outer frame dimension

815×815 mm unfolded/ 505×505 mm folded


505 mm (to the upper QR mount)

Height under main body (payload space)

310 mm

Empty frame weight with landing gear and housing

2383 g

Diameter inside center body

255 mm

Height inside center body

36 mm

Maximum top propeller diameter

21” (arm can be extended for bigger prop)

Maximum bottom propeller diameter


RTF weight (excluding battery and payload; including all the electronics, autopilot, motors, ESC, props, etc.)

6125 g


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