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Stella – next generation, patent pending, coaxial X8 multirotor. Lighter than previous HD Air Studio platforms, but much more rigid due to its innovative design. The frame is non-foldable, but easy to transport due to a compact size. In this offer, Stella is available as an empty frame kit.

We also offer Stella as a RTF multirotor. If you’re interested in customization options, we can produce this drone on your request. Get in touch to arrange all the details via CONTACT FORM

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Stella’s center of body ensures a lot of space and free access to components inside. On the top plate, there are main power inputs and additional power outputs.

Arms are the biggest asset of Stella – they were designed in such a way to offer absolute stiffness and improve the air flow generated by the propulsion system. Strong LED lights on the tips make Stella visible even on a sunny day. Placement of ESC’s provides perfect cooling. The GPS mast can be quickly folded. Batteries can be exchanged fast and easy, as they are mounted on a special top plate by straps. The landing gear can be detached for transport, legs are secured by thumbscrews. The built in anti-vibration system allows to install a gimbal and not worry about vibrations.

The Stella platform is tailored to professional needs and available in a couple of combinations: from an empty frame to fully equipped UAV platform with customized camera/sensor stabilizer, foldable landing gear, additional mountings etc. Stella is tested with various autopilot systems including DJI A3 PRO, Naza N3 and Pixhawk 2.1 – flies great with each of them!

Designed and produced in Poland by HD Air Studio.

  • Landing gear: fixed with quick release connector for fast disassembling
  • Battery mounting: no the top of the drone
  • Dust, water resistance : IP54
  • Built in LED lights: 2 x green, 2 x red
  • Built-in FPV camera: yes, as an option
  • Battery plugs: XT90 (can be modified)
  • Power source for external devices: 16V/3A, 12V/3A, 5V/3A
  • Quick release for payload (gimbal): yes, available as an option
  • Retractable landing gear: available in the future
  • Damping system: built in the center body of the frame
  • Suggested payload: 2.5-6kg
  • Suggested battery: 2x 6S 22.000mAh
  • RTF weight (excluding battery and payload; including all the electronics, autopilot, motors, ESC, props, etc.): 6060g
  • Autopilot options: Pixhawk 2.1, DJI A3, DJI A3 PRO, DJI N3.
  • Suggested motors: MN601S 320kv
  • Suggested ESC: Alpha 60A LV
  • Suggested props: 20/21”
  • Flight time (12900g AUW) with 2x 16000mah and 10% battery capacity remaining: 22min. With 2 x 22000mah: 26,5min.
  • Customization available

ARTF version includes: 24V 400A power installation + 8x T-Motor MN601S 320kv + 8x T-Motor Alpha 60A LV ESC + 4x T-Motor 20″ carbon propeller + 4x T-Motor 21″ carbon propeller + 3x BEC: 16V/3A, 12V/3A, 5V/3A + LED Lights (red on front and green on back). If you need RTF version with RC transmitter & receiver, charger, Li-Po batteries, gimbal and additional accessories please contact us.

Additional information

Wheelbase (motor to motor)

848 mm

Outer frame dimension

682×682 mm

Maximum top propeller diameter


Maximum bottom propeller diameter



478 mm

Height under main body (payload space)

335 mm

Empty frame weight

around 2300 g

Diameter inside center body

267 mm

Height inside center body

40-54 mm


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