Cyclo 1 modular head
for Steadicam systems


Camera stabilization made better.
For industrial use. For filmmmaking.

Welcome to HD Air Studio. Boutique engineering studio, where we design and manufacture gimbal camera stabilizers and heads that drone, TV & film professionals love working with.

Elit gyro head on a 50ft crane during Miss Universe 2021

Elit gyro head

Stabilized head with zoom-focus for cameras up to 20 kg/44 lb.
Serving film & TV sets both outdoor and indoor.
Cranes, arms, cars, boats, quads, rails - you name it!

Custom gimbals

Camera stabilizers for autonomous inspections, photogrammetry, robotics, cinematography.
Unusual sensors, very specific operational parameters.
We've built plenty. See our case studies.
UAV gimbal camera stabilizer for Sony UMC-R10C

Infinity MR-S gimbal

3-axis gimbal ready for your next drone mission. Supporting cameras up to 800 g. Endless software integration possibilities. Light (599 g/1.3 lbs), but powerful.

Thank you, I’m absolutely loving this head ❤️ It’s amazing where I can get with the camera. And going high to low is a game changer! There is no transition time from high to low like with a traditional Steadicam, which allows for faster shots and smoother transitions.

Larkin McLaughlin
Steadicam operator

Given the product quality and the ease of implementation, gimbals delivered by HD Air Studio are fully suited for the industrial application of Skyspecs. Also, the delivery time of gimbals has never exceed the agreed timeframes.

Drone inspections

The custom gimbal developed by HD Air Studio keeps the camera image perfectly still even with longer focal length lenses. The gimbal offers great resistance in difficult conditions – we mount it to a drone which carries out autonomous inspections of turbine blades and structures both onshore and offshore.

Drone inspections

14 years of building
camera stabilization systems.

We love building gimbal camera stabilizers for unusual projects. Starting from the gimbal size and materials, through the selection of motors and sliprings, up to the mounting system and electronics - we'll provide you with a complete solution.
Under one roof in Poland (EU), HD Air Studio combines deep technical skills, creativity and attention to detail. This perfect blend results in high-end, super-precise gimbal camera stabilizers and ready-to-fly drones.
We take every message from you seriously. We won't rest until we provide you with a gimbal camera stabilizer you are satisfied with - and we are super-fast at that. 100% commitment guaranteed.
We've been building great hardware for UAV & film for 10 years now. We have patent-pending products in stock! With our background in aerial filmmaking, we perfectly understand your needs.

What's up at HD Air Studio?

Highlights from Cyclo 1 Day in New York
Highlights from Cyclo 1 Day in New York
March 2, 2024, we organized Cyclo 1 Demo Day in New York. It was the first time the Steadicam community in New York could try our modular stabilized head for various Steadicam systems. We couldn’t expect a better welcome – around 80 Steadicam operators, Directors of Photography and film industry professionals came to discover Cyclo...
Behind the Scenes: Cyclo 1 Demo Day Unveiled
Behind the Scenes: Cyclo 1 Demo Day Unveiled
Although Cyclo 1 Demo Day has come to an end, we’re still buzzing with excitement that so many of you gathered in Los Angeles to explore Cyclo 1 head and experience its intuitive controls. It was a blast! In short: nearly 100 participants, Cyclo 1 head on XCS Steadicam plus Cyclo 1 head on Scorpio...
HD Air Studio UAV gimbals
HD Air Studio creates the best aerial gimbals and gyro heads for industrial and cinematography use. Not a single return in 10 years!

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