Drone gimbalsDronesCustomizing Infinity MR-S2 gimbal & Sonda drone frame for an innovative drone inspection project

March 17, 2021

Recently, HD Air Studio’s  Sonda X8 multirotor frame and Infinity MR-S2 aerial gimbal were selected for an innovative drone inspection project. With custom modifications applied, our camera stabilizer and drone frame will be a part of the client’s command and control solution which enables pilots to fly drones remotely from a central control room.

HD Air Studio aerial solution will be used for industrial applications, operating at low altitude away from aviation.

“Drone inspections and aerial surveys in such industries as construction, oil & gas or infrastructure are becoming more and more popular these days. We’re extremely excited to be a part of this growing trend. As HD Air Studio, we specialize in the development of custom gimbals for unusual payloads and applications, and we have rich experience in delivering multipurpose multirotors for professional use.” – Kuba Jakubczyk, CEO at HD Air Studio, explains.

Both Sonda drone frame and Infinity MR-S2 gimbal were customized by HD Air Studio so as to make the hardware work seamlessly with the client’s peripheral devices. Sonda is a professional X8 multirotor with folding arms developed by HD Air Studio specifically for such industrial drone projects. It offers plenty of space to mount different peripheral devices like for example, V-Map, Slantrange, gimbal, obstacle avoidance µPatch, uSharp and others. Infinity MR-S2 is an aerial gimbal with 800g payload and light construction, offering great weight-carrying capability.

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