Payload gimbals2-axis Gimbal for Sony UMC-R10C

This brushless gimbal is HD Air Studio’s proposal for an industrial-class camera, Sony UMC-R10C. Below we present the gimbal in the 2-axis version, go here to see a 3-axis unit. We can customize UMC R10C gimbal to your business case (e.g.: size, dedicated mounting options, weather proofing, etc.). It is delivered as a fully calibrated, ready-to-work-out-of-the box unit. This solution in available on request, we offer single-unit and mass production – get in touch!

Axis working range:
a) PITCH: -120/+80-110 (depends on lens length)
c) ROLL: +70/-70

  • Weight: 330g without the damping plate
  • Payload: Sony UMC-R10C
  • Mounting options: HD Air Studio can adjust it according to your preferences
  • Damping system: HD Air Studio can adjust it according to your preferences
  • Main controller: AlexMos 32bit + encoder motors
  • Fully calibrated, ready to work out of the box.

Read our case study! Learn how HD Air Studio’s aerial gimbal for Sony UMC-R10C works is used to monitor overhead power grids.

Given many customization options, we produce this gimbal on your request. Get in touch to arrange all the details or +48 502 829 521!

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