Drone gimbalsHD Air Studio gimbal integrated into AI-driven camera system for inspecting power line infrastructure

June 20, 2022

HD Air Studio’s 3-axis UAV gimbal for 1.3 kg payloads has been selected by Bergen Robotics for an autonomous camera system using AI for imaging powerlines. This innovative visual system uses fixed and steerable sensors combined with robotics and artificial intelligence algorithms to autonomously capture detailed images of powerline components.

With two sensors installed on the gimbal – one camera is used by the AI and the other high-resolution camera captures detailed images of specific components. This prototype of the autonomous payload system is now working, delivering sharp imagery at the speed of 10m/s.

Drone gimbal for AI-powered autonomous inspections

Raising the bar in gimbal performance 

We’re proud that Bergen Robotics has chosen to build its visual system upon the HD Air Studio gimbal. It’s our goal to create UAV gimbals which perform much more sophisticated tasks than just image stabilization. This project makes a great example of how users of our gimbals can communicate with the gimbal’s on-board computer, autopilot and perform advanced automated tasks” – Kuba Jakubczyk, CEO of HD Air Studio comments.

Autonomous payload system for infrastructure inspection

The collaboration between HD Air Studio and Bergen Robotics incorporates HD Air Studio gimbal functionality into Bergen Robotics AI-driven visual system. Our system will deliver sensor information – usually images, supplemented with high precision positional and directional metadata. It is also possible to embed any information provided to the planning software that the customer might need for the internal use, e.g., object identification” – Nils Jacob Berland from Bergen Robotics explains.


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