Gyro headsElit head takes long lens shots at Miss Universe 2021

April 7, 2022

When the team of CRS Israel were asked to provide remote systems for 2021 Miss Universe, they decided to use Elit gyro stabilized head both on a remote dolly and on a 50ft technocrane. CRS Israel used Elit extensively for a last year on various projects and the head proved to be very reliable and easy to set up.

Elit has a very nice feel to it and it is a joy to use. The gyro head is very precise, it can be very fast when needed, but also very slow and fluid for those small unnoticeable frame adjustments. Zoom and focus control of broadcast lenses is very well implemented and feels very organic – comments CRS Israel.

Elit stabilized head on speed dolly
Elit gyro head on camera car
Elit stabilized head on 50ft supertechno
Elit stabilized head on speed dolly

The backpan compensation and stabilisation allow to confidently use the full range of the zoom on a 4.5×13 broadcast lens and provide extensive, well-composed coverage fast and easy.

On the dolly lens,  Elit dealt with vibrations very well, despite the height of 1.7 meter, the footage was really smooth.

At CRS Israel, we use many different heads and systems in our work and Elit became the favourite of our cameramen. It is reliable, fast to set up and easy to operate.

On the Ninja Warrior set, two units of Elit were used on technocranes, the show was shot at a seaport at summer with extreme heat and humidity for a period of 2 months twice a week. Not a single glitch.

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