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Infinity MR-PRO User Manual

Infinity MR-S2 User Manual

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How to choose the right HD Air Studio gimbal for my application?

All HD Air Studio gimbals are used most of all with drones, both in the underslung and overslung mode. For cameras up to 900g choose InfinityMR-S2 and for those heavier, up to 1400g, Infinity MR PRO.

What is a custom gimbal?

A custom gimbal is a gimbal built for an unusual sensor (scanners, lasers, etc.) according to customer’s requirements (such as size, weight, mountings, materials, wires routing, etc.). A custom gimbal is entirely designed and produced by the HD Air Studio tech team.

Is it possible to use HD Air Studio gimbal in the underslung and overslung position?

Yes, no need to adjust settings.

How do I balance HD Air Studio gimbal?

The video manual available on our Youtube channel will take you through the process of gimbal balancing step by step.

What gimbal controller is used in HD Air Studio gimbals?

All HD Air Studio gimbals are equipped with genuine Basecam Electronics brushless gimbal controllers. HD AIR STUDIO is an official partner of Basecam Electronics and actively contributes to the development of the Basecam Electronics products.

Can I modify the gimbal mechanics, disassemble the gimbal or repair myself?

All modifications made by the user cause the termination of the warranty protection.

How do I power HD Air Studio gimbal?

You can power the gimbal using 12-24V power supply or 3-6S Lipo battery.

How do I connect RC receiver to HD Air Studio gimbal?

You can use PWM or Sbus/DSM/PPM that you plug into RC pins according to the gimbal controller manual.

Can I connect SBUS/PPM/DSM receiver?

Yes, and it is very easy. Plug signal wire to RC_Roll pin and setup “rc_roll pin mode” as SBUS/DSM/PPM. Then assign virtual channels.

Can I connect HD Air Studio gimbal to Pixhawk autopilot?

Yes, you can connect Pixhawk autopilot by the serial port on the gimbal. More details in gimbal controller manual.

How do I make automatic panorama using scripts?

Refer to the manual available here: https://www.basecamelectronics.com/files/v3/SimpleBGC_Scripting_Language_eng.pdf

Do I need to make gyro calibration?

Yes, it is advised to perform gyro calibration each time before using the gimbal. If is not possible, skip calibration, and do it next time.

Can I use external GPS IMU with my gimbal?

Yes. There are several option available: Pixhawk Autopilot, Vectronav, Inertialsense, Basecam Electronics GPS IMU.

How can I tune my gimbal to improve stabilisation performance?

Connect the gimbal to dedicated software and tune gains according to your requirements. We are working on the intelligent auto tuning that will do the job for you. Hopefully it’s going to be ready in Q3 2020.

Do I need to pay VAT Tax?

If you have a valid VAT tax number you don’t have to pay VAT tax. If you live outside of European Union you don’t have to pay VAT tax.

How long is HD Air Studio warranty?

The standard warranty is 24 months, it covers all gimbal components.

What happens when the warranty ends and I need to repair my gimbal?

HD Air Studio provides full aftersales services for all HD Air Studio products. If you have HD Air Studio gimbal which warranty has expired and you would like to repair or upgrade it, contact us directly at support@hdairstudio.com

How long does it take to repair my gimbal when I send it for the warranty services?

Usually it takes no longer than 72 hours. If damages are bigger, it may take a bit longer. It never lasts more than 2 weeks. You will be updated about the progress by our Support team.

Do you ship worldwide?


What are the shipping options?

Around EU we send our products by UPS, GLS and DHL. Outside EU we only use DHL.

Can I insure my shipment?

Yes. It is 1% of your order value.


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