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InfinityMR-S2 is a light, powerful gimbal for Sony A6500 size cameras. Thanks to its smart design and top-quality materials, it is only 560g, what makes it one of the lightest gimbals in this class! Built-in slipring connector allows for clean wires routing and saves additional weight (as you don’t need to use a separate battery for the gimbal only). AlexMos controller with encoders delivers the best quality stabilization both in the underslung and inverted modes.

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  • 3axis IMU and encoder based stabilized gimbal
  • Underslung and inverted mode
  • Built-in slipring with 4 wires for additional devices
  • Operating voltage 12-18V (4S recommended)
  • Reinforced carbon fiber for best rigidity and lowest weight
  • Basic water and dust resistance
  • Dedicated encoder motors
  • AlexMos 32bit controller
  • Ready to use, initially tuned out of the box
  • MAVLINK protocol support
    Starting from firmware version 2.60, SimpleBGC32 controller used in InfinityMR-S supports connection to an external flight controller (FC) using MavLink protocol. This protocol is used for connecting autopilots to a ground station (GSC) and OSD telemetry.
    MavLink support was tested with the popular open-source flight controller ArduPilot:
    Benefits of connecting the gimbal to FC:
    a) correcting of the gimbal IMU sensor
    b) controlling gimbal automatically
    c) remote editing of gimbal’s parameters
    d) obtaining data from the RC receiver

Infinity MR-S gimbal supports cameras up to 900g/ 19.8lb, such as: Sony A6500; Sony A6000 and all similar.

Additional information

Weight 0.56 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18.1 × 25.3 cm

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  • Iza

    April 20, 2020 at 11:58 am

    5 out of 5

    The best!


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