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35,500.00 ex.Vat | 43,665.00 in.VAT

Preorder has ended 5 May 2023.
Pre-order your Cyclo Stabilized Head
and get the monitor stabilizer free-of-charge.
Shipping: starting June 2023


  • €12800.00 is a down payment at pre-order (stands for 40% of the Cyclo set value).
  • By opting for the pre-order, you’ll get the monitor stabilizer  free of charge as an add-on to your Cyclo unit. The regular price of the monitor stabilizer is 3500 euro net. This option will be available exclusively to participants of the pre-order!
  • Once we receive your pre-order form, you have 5 business days to pay the down payment. If the payment doesn’t arrive by this time, your pre-order is automatically cancelled.
  • Once we receive your down payment, we’ll send you an advance invoice.
  • The remaining amount (60% of the total value of Cyclo set) is due to be paid when your unit is ready for delivery. The total cost of Cyclo Stabilized Head is €32000.00 + delivery costs.
  • We’ll start shipping first units of Cyclo head in June 2023.
  • The order of pre-order entries determines your delivery slot. We’ll inform you about your delivery date within max 5 business days as of placing the pre-order.
  • If you cancel your order after 14 days as of placing the pre-order, we’ll deduce €2000.00 out of your down payment for reserving your building slot. This means we’ll return €10800.00 to you.
  • First units of the monitor stabilizer will be shipped July/August 2023
  • Please add the following information as an order note (this option is available during the checkout process):
      1. if you prefer right-hand/left-hand joystick
      2. what gimbal handle do you use (we support: Betz/Tiffen/GPI Pro/universal 26mm-diameter)
      3. if you prefer the touchscreen interface on the right/left (looking from the front of Cyclo)
      4. post diameter 1.5, 1.58, 1.75, 1.86, 2.0″ (for Monitor Stabilizer clamps)
      5. power socket type  3 PIN Lemo 1B or 3 PIN Lemo 0B (Cyclo accepts 10-34V and its max power consumption in peaks hits 250W; make sure your steadicam accepts that power consumption)
  • Cyclo 1 dovetail plate is compatible with following Steadicam systems: Tiffen Steadicam®, Betz-Tools RIG, PRO, MK-V.
  • HD Air Studio Sp. z o.o. is not responsible for tax and customs duties in the buyer’s country. 
  • The number of Cyclo heads available in pre-order is limited.
  • Cyclo head is not for sale and use in the UK. HD Air Studio Sp. z o.o. is not responsible for any claims related to the infringement of patents of third parties in the territory of the UK.
  • NOTE: If you have a valid VAT number or you live outside the European Union, you don’t pay VAT tax. In all other cases, 23% VAT tax is applied.

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General specification:

  • Empty head weight: 4.15kg/9.15lb
  • Head weigh with accessories: 4.7kg/10.4lb
  • Ring inner diameter: 26.8cm/10.55inch
  • Outer dimensions: H: 400mm W: 360mm D:160mm (15.75in x 14.2in x 6.3in)
  • Power input: 10-34V
  • Max power consumption: 250W
  • Max rotation speed: 360deg/s 
  • Drift: less then 1deg/h
  • Overload protection 

Cyclo Head:

  • Light & rigid construction (Carbon-fiber + aluminum)
  • Internal diameter of 27cm allows to use all kind of cameras
  • Bottom and top camera mount to fit cameras of various sizes
  • Cyclo head dovetail plate is compatible with following Steadicam™ systems: Tiffen Steadicam®, Betz-Tools RIG, PRO, MK-V.
  • Easy-cable routing
  • 3G SDI-POWER-DATA slipring for infinite rotations
  • Fixed stabilisation mode & follow mode
  • Can be used for steadicams or tripods
  • Manual speed control through 1-axis hall sensor joystick (attached to the steadicam handle)
  • 2 programmable buttons (you can assign to them one of many functions from the interface menu)
  • Drift compensation 
  • Programmable auto-moves (up to 10 revolutions and 360deg/s)
  • Remote control through S-bus compatible RX/TX systems (e.g. Futaba, Frsky radio systems)
  • IP31 (should not be used in high dust and humid environment)
  • Camera power pass through slipring: Max 24V, 140W.
  • Video slipring pass through: SDI 3G, 75 Ohm

Touchscreen Interface:

  • Intuitive control through 5” touch screen interface to manage all Cyclo settings in one place
  • Touch screen interface gives you control over such functions as:
    – Joystick limits
    – Level roll
    – Set home position / go home
    – Follow mode
    – Motors on/off
    – Joystick on/off
    – Speed of rotation
    – Smooth starts and stops
    – Buttons assign
    – Programmable automatic rotations
    – And more

What will you get?

  • Cyclo 1-axis stabilized head x 1pc
  • Main universal dovetail plate x 1pc
  • 3G SDI-Power-CAN slipring module x 1pc
  • Joystick hand/handle unit x 1pc
  • Double Fore-aft and side-side adjustable dovetail with bridge plate x 1pc
  • Interface touch screen module x 1pc
  • Top camera support with extension rail x 1set
  • Universal cheese plate 101x101mm x1pc
  • Arc cheese plate x 3pcs
  • Counterweights x 8pcs
  • 15mm carbon tubes x 2pcs
  • Cable holders x 10pcs
  • Screws & washers x 1set
  • Main power cable x 1pc
  • HPRC Case with custom foam insert x 1pc
  • Printed user manual x 1pc
  • 24 months warranty

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