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Camera stabilizers for drone inspections, cinematography, robotics.
Unusual sensors, very specific operational parameters.
We've built plenty, see our case studies.

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Aerial brushless gimbal for GH4, GH5, A7S, A6500 and more

Infinity MR-PRO

Gimbal weight: 880 g (1.95 lbs)
Axis: 3
Compatible with the most popular cameras on the market up to 1.3 kg. Great weight-payload ratio.
1,409.76 ex.Vat | 1,734.00 in.VAT
$1,564.83 ex.Vat | $1,924.74 in.VAT
5,998.53 ex.Vat | 7,378.19 in.VAT
Aerial brushless gimbal for A6300, A6500, RX100 and more

Infinity MR-S2

Gimbal weight: 599 g/1.3 lbs
Axis: 3
Smaller brother of Infinity MR-PRO supporting cameras up to 800 g. You'll be surprised how light, but powerful it is.
894.31 ex.Vat | 1,100.00 in.VAT
$992.68 ex.Vat | $1,221.00 in.VAT
3,805.29 ex.Vat | 4,680.51 in.VAT
Gyro stabilized head for 23 kg cinema cameras

Elit Gyro Head

Gimbal weight: 12.5 kg/27.5 lbs
Axis: 3
Stabilized head with a serious payload of 20 kg. Zoom-focus support. The amazing Vertical Shock Absorber and Roll-Tilt Damper included!

Camera stabilization made better.
For industrial use. For filmmaking.

We love building gimbal camera stabilizers for unusual projects. Starting from the gimbal size and materials, through the selection of motors and sliprings, up to the mounting system and electronics - we'll provide you with a complete solution.
Under one roof in Poland (EU), HD Air Studio combines deep technical skills, creativity and attention to detail. This perfect blend results in high-end, super-precise gimbal camera stabilizers and ready-to-fly drones.
We take every message from you seriously. We won't rest until we provide you with a gimbal camera stabilizer you are satisfied with - and we are super-fast at that. 100% commitment guaranteed.
We've been building great hardware for UAV & film for 10 years now. We have patent-pending products in stock! With our background in aerial filmmaking, we perfectly understand your needs.

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Given the product quality and the ease of implementation, gimbals delivered by HD Air Studio are fully suited for the industrial application of Skyspecs. Also, the delivery time of gimbals has never exceed the agreed timeframes.


Drone Systems has used HD Air Studio gimbals, both 2-axis and 3-axis, since 2016. Since that time we’ve expanded the drone fleet and ordered more gimbals. Drone Systems has covered more than 6,500 km of district heating pipes, using HD Air Studio gimbals.

Drone Systems ApS

Kopterworx has been a global dealer of both commercial and custom gimbals developed by HD Air Studio since 2016. We appreciate HD Air Studio for their professional approach to all enquiries. In the course of our cooperation we could always rely on their fast communication and reliable technical support.


Sony UMC-R10C gimbal developed by HD Air Studio offers vast integration possibilities. Unlimited continuous rotation in the pan axis with the built-in slipring connector allows for serial communication and power supply.

KVS Technologies

We could rely on professional technical support at all stages of our cooperation with HD Air Studio, including analysis, prototyping, production and implementation. Vast knowledge of the UAV technology and stabilizing solutions coupled with extensive expertise make HD Air Studio a valuable business partner.

FlyTech UAV

The custom gimbal developed by HD Air Studio keeps the camera image perfectly still even with longer focal length lenses. The gimbal offers great resistance in difficult conditions – we mount it to a drone which carries out autonomous inspections of turbine blades and structures both onshore and offshore.


HD Air Studio UAV gimbals
HD Air Studio creates the best aerial gimbals and gyro heads for industrial and cinematography use. Not a single return in 10 years!

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