CycloGyro headsCyclo 1 head with Christopher Kechichian, ACO

January 18, 2024

Christopher Kechichian is a Dubai-based ACO Steadicam operator with 11 years of experience. His portfolio boasts collaborations with industry giants like Audi, Hugo Boss, and Lufthansa, showcasing a wealth of experience. Notably, for some time already he’s been working with Cyclo 1 stabilized head. Recently, we’ve reached out to him to talk about his experience with Cyclo 1.

  • Why did you choose Cyclo 1 in the first place? 

Cyclo 1 allows me to move the camera in a way that’s not possible with any other stabilizer currently on the market. I can offer a unique look for the film/commercial involved. It’s not robotic and it’s not fully organic, but somewhere in the middle.

  • What are the key 3 features that you like in Cyclo 1 most of all? 
    1. It’s sturdy! all the parts are rigid and well placed
    2. The ring is big and can fit any setup
    3. It’s very easy and fast to balance; which allows me to pour my attention into the aesthetics of the project, and not worry about the trivial technicalities
  • What kind of setups have you tried with Cyclo 1 so far?

I used Cyclo 1 with both light/small camera setups and large/long ones. In both cases, the balancing process and the feel of the rig were immediate and responsive.

  • How long does it take you to get ready for shots with Cyclo 1?

It’s very quick to set up Cyclo 1 and to balance the entire system. It takes some practice to hit the center of the sensor in the center of Cyclo 1, but with time, one gets to know the right accessories for every build.

  • How about the level of stabilization that Cyclo 1 delivers? 

Unreal level of stabilization! The longest focal length I used was 135mm and I’m impressed! No vibration, or any sort of trouble.

  • What type of shots are your favorite when it comes to using Cyclo 1? 

I would say that the Cyclo 1 excels at fast, dynamic, free-flowing kinds of shots. The flexibility and immediacy that it gives me is unmatched by any other machine currently on the market. I’m free to offer suggestions to the director and DOP, and I’m open to whatever happens in front of my lens. When used right, this machine shines!!

  • What was the most challenging project you did using Cyclo 1 so far? 

The most challenging project was filming a freestyle basketball scene, at noon, in the summer heat of Dubai. The weather was brutal and we were shooting with a very heavy camera package. The system was stable and I had no trouble with it; except the heat, the sweat and the running!

  • In your opinion, are there any areas we should work on in terms of Cyclo 1? 

I would say maybe work on a faster boot time.

Christopher, many thanks for all your insights!

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