CycloGyro headsBehind the Scenes: Cyclo 1 Demo Day Unveiled

November 6, 2023

Although Cyclo 1 Demo Day has come to an end, we’re still buzzing with excitement that so many of you gathered in Los Angeles to explore Cyclo 1 head and experience its intuitive controls. It was a blast! In short: nearly 100 participants, Cyclo 1 head on XCS Steadicam plus Cyclo 1 head on Scorpio head with NODO wheels. Cyclo 1 Demo Day proved to be a real feast for Steadicam™ operators and film industry professionals.

Live Demonstrations: experiencing Cyclo 1 in action

Everyone had the opportunity to witness Cyclo 1 in action skillfully presented by the experienced Cyclo 1 Operator, Larkin McLaughlin. Importantly, they could also gain firsthand insights from him about the workings of the Cyclo 1 head and the array of possibilities it offers. If interested, you can read a full review of Cyclo 1 by Larkin here.

Cyclo 1 Demo Day proved how important it is for you to get hands on with Cyclo 1 head. With Arri Alexa onboard, you gave Cyclo 1 a careful test, checking its balancing mechanism, advanced features available via touchscreen interface and definitely, power consumption 🙂 Throughout the entire Demo Day, the Cyclo 1 head performed tirelessly. Which features stood out to you the most?

  1. Going high to low and low to high in one continuous move
  2. The rotating monitor yoke that follows your move
  3. Assinging auto-moves via the touchscreen interface

Cyclo 1 on the Scorpio 45’ and Scorpio Classic Head

Who said that Cyclo 1 is exclusively designed for Steadicam™? Outdoors, we mounted Cyclo 1 head on the Scorpio 45’ crane with a Scorpio Classic Head and the NODO wheels. This configuration showcased the versatility and adaptability of our stabilizing system. Despite a hefty configuration comprising of an Arri Alexa Mini LF and Optimo 12x, the Cyclo 1 delivered exceptionally smooth footage.

Modularity first. Cyclo 1 + NODO wheels. 

Right from the start, our aim for the Cyclo 1 head was to showcase its universal compatibility. Accommodate a wide range of camera setups, including various sizes and weights. Provide adapters and accessories for seamless integration with different camera accessories.

The Demo Day provided an ideal opportunity for you to witness thow Cyclo 1 seamlessly works with the NODO wheels. Equipped with the NODO wheels, Directors of Photography (DoPs) and camera operators can remotely manage the picture captured by Cyclo 1. This functionality expands the horizons for Cyclo 1 users. Beyond its traditional use on a Steadicam™, you can also effectively employ it on tripods or cranes, thanks to the remote frame control.

Many thanks to Becine Camera Rental House and Shotcaller Cine for hosting us in hot Los Angeles. Special thanks to Larkin McLaughlin for dedicating your time to showcase Cyclo 1 to a diverse audience. Keep an eye out for future opportunities to experience Cyclo 1 in action!

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