Gyro headsElit Stabilized Head on major Israeli TV sets

February 10, 2022

CRS Israel has for years provided cranes and remote systems of various kinds to major TV & cinema sets in Israel. 2 years ago Elit stabilized heads joined CRS’s strong fleet of 24 cranes (including telescopic ones), dolly, cable and vehicle systems. This way Elit stabilized head is a part of high-profile shows supported by CRS in Israel, including the latest Miss Universe 2021.

CRS Israel’s CEO, Roy Arama, recently shared some of its impressions about using Elit stabilized head on major TV & cinema sets in Israel, including X Factor, MasterChef, Miss Universe. 

– How did it happen that you chose Elit stabilized head?

We were interested in advancing to stabilized remote heads specifically for our Techno crane department. We were introduced to the Elit stabilized head through our leading operator and technician, who came across this head after an in-depth research and testing many brands in this field. The choice was made and today I can tell you that we are very satisfied with the results.

– What do you think about Elit stabilized head after working with it for some time?

Our Operators enjoy the simplicity and accuracy of the stabilizing system. It is very easy to use and balance, almost a plug-and-play system. We have found Elit to be very stable when shooting tight and with a long lens. We have not encountered any technical issues and our operators gained much confidence during live broadcast productions such as Miss universe 2021, X factor, MasterChef and many others. 

What setups did you try with Elit so far?

We used Elit stabilized head on our Supertechno 50’, Moviebird 45′ with big camera packages, long and heavy lenses, while shooting for “Hit and Run” for Netflix and applied it on our Furio dolly system as well.

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