HD Air Studio.

We are creators of best possible,
gimbals and drones for cinematography.


HD Air Studio

Comples solutions for cinematography

We create solutions for photography. Drones, gimbals. Not only for professionals, and not only to amateur. Who are we and what are our beliefs? Read below – in our manifesto.


The Manifesto

We’re open to every new experience, new people and technologies, new applications of what is not necessarily brand-new. For us success stands for cutting-edge solutions which combine, above all, precision, quality and customer satisfaction. We’re convinced that technology is the ultimate condition, the driving force of progress. If a product or service is not offered on the market, all you have to do is to create it. While developing new aerial solutions, we’re guided by our convictions and ideals. We derive from all sorts of inspirations, also the ones coming from nature.

We postulate innovation which always stems from hard work.
We postulate creativity, being the combination of various experience.
We postulate new quality on every stage: starting from the very underlying idea, through the shaped, well-rounded project, the production process that respects work of all people engaged, up to the top customer service.